Conditions & Regulations

Based on the Company’s Fast mobility ltd Statute, the CEO, on October 1st 2019 submits the following changes to the Company’s vehicle rental Terms & Conditions dated November 11th 2011;

Fast Mobility operates with the following information:

Address: 9 Gospodar Jovanova str.,

City: Belgrade,

Industry code 7711 – Vehicle rental and leasing,

Company ID. 20787716,

Taxe No. 107362654,

web address ,

email ,

Contact ph. +381113114977

The Fast Mobility vehicle rental Terms & Conditions (T/C)

The vehicles can be rented by legal entities or individuals, with whom the Fast Mobility ltd. concludes a Rental agreement and who meet the following basic conditions for use of the rental vehicle.

1. Basic age requirements of vehicle users

1.1 Minimum 21 to 75 years of age

1.2 Minimum 2 years valid driving license

2. Explanation of some terms

2.1 Vehicle – All motor vehicles owned by Fast mobility that are rented to a client.

2.2 Fast mobility – The contracting party owner of the vehicle that is rented to a client.

2.3 Client – The contracting party that rent a vehicle from Fast mobility.

2.4 Rental Agreement – Document of the vehicle rental signed by the client and Fast mobility

2.5 Vehicle Usage Period – Time that starts with the pick up date and ends with the date that the vehicle returns to Fast Mobility shown on the Rental Agreement

2.6 Rental Fee – All client’s expenses during the rental period

2.7 Additional Charges – All subsequent costs incurred, including accessories at the request of the client and costs for the traffic offenses and damages or to the others private and public entities

3. Rental terms

3.1 Minimum rental charged period is 1 day or with the first started hour up to 24 hours

3.2 The vehicle pick-up and drop off time, must be in accordance with the Rental Agreement. Three (3) hour delay in drop off the vehicle is tolerated. After the end of the tolerated time, a new 1 day will automatically be charged, as new 24 hours day.

3.3 There is no mileage limit, except in long term rental agreements over 3 months rental period

3.4 Vehicles are rent with a full tank, clean externally and internally, and customers return a vehicle with a full tank, clean externally and internally

3.5 Fast mobility is committed to always deliver the fully functional vehicle to the client

3.6 Fast mobility will provide a replacement vehicle to the client as soon as possible in the event of a rental vehicle failure

3.7 The use of vehicles abroad is not foreseen, without the approval of Fast mobility

3.8 The client undertakes to return the vehicle within the period specified in the Rental Agreement or earlier based on the express request of Fast mobility;

3.9 The client undertakes to send to Fast Mobility at least 48 hours in advance the request for the extension of the rental period;

3.10 The client undertakes that if the odometer brakedown occurs during the rent, he/she will immediately suspend driving and notify as soon as possible Fast mobility about failure;

3.11 The client undertakes that the vehicle will be properly maintained and preserved during his/her rent;

3.12 The Client undertakes not to use the vehicle:

  1. under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
  2. for an unlawful purpose (eg criminal offense, customs or foreign exchange offense, etc.),
  3. for new driver training,
  4. for the transport of passengers and goods for a fee,
  5. that the rented vehicle does not burden with persons or objects over the permissible weight,
  6. for the transport or towing of the other vehicles, trailers or their parts,
  7. to participate in motorsports events,

3.13 The client undertakes to use the vehicle only for its own personal purposes and not to rent or lend it to a third party;

3.14 The client undertakes that the vehicle will drive only a person authorized by him with the consent of Fast mobility, which as such is entered in the Contract under the heading “Additional driver”. All conditions provided for the client, regarding the age and validity of the driving license, will also apply to this person;

3.15 The client undertakes not to make any replacement of parts, assemblies or appliances without the consent of Fast mobility;

4. Payments and deposit

4.1 The rental of vehicles is paid by the client at pick up the vehicle, in cash, by payment cards or on the account of Fast mobility doo Belgrade, or online on Fast Mobility’s website.

4.2 A deposit is always taken by valid credit card reservation only, with a limited duration up to 30 days.

4.3 For the subsequent expenses incurred by the client, Fast mobility will charge these expenses from the reserved funds, ie deposit. The client will be informed via available contact information.

4.4 If a client has objection to the Fast Mobility vehicle or service, the report must be submitted in writing to a Fast mobility representative or by email address All complaints will not postpone the payment of the rental fee.

4.5 Tariffs values are gross in Euros, which is calculated at the time of billing according to the exchange selling rate from the Fast Mobility’s business Bank or in Serbian dinars. In case of online payment all payments will be processed in local currency of Republic of Serbia – dinar (RSD). Prices displayed in EUR are calculated according to exchange rate on date of payment provided by the exchange bank used by Fast Mobility. The amount your card will be charged with will be presented in Your local currency with exchange rate used by payment card provider. We are not familiar with that exchange rate at the moment of transaction processing. As a result of such conversion slight difference in price charged and the one on our website can occur. Thank you for your understanding.

4.6 Delivery of vehicles will not be charged for the positions of the company locations. For the other locations in the city of Belgrade and the territory of the Republic of Serbia, delivery and pick-up are charged according to the Fast mobility tariff

4.7 Accessories that are not standard for mandatory on-board equipment are charged extra in accordance with the Fast Mobility Tariffs

4.8 In case of partial or full refund for customers who paid using payment card, regardless of the refund reason, Fast Mobility ltd will refund the money using VISA, EC/MC and Maestro payment methods.

5. Pick up and drop off of the vehicle

5.1 The vehicle can be picked up at the Fast mobility parking lots or at the other spots by the client’s request, which is additionally charged according to the Fast mobility tariffs

5.2 The vehicle is dropped off to Fast mobility parking lots or at the other spots by the client’s request, which is additionally charged in accordance with the Fast mobility tariffs

5.3 When the vehicle is picked up or dropped off, the vehicle condition will be checked by the client and the Fast mobility officer together.

6. Fuel and other costs

6.1 The car is delivered to the client with a full fuel tank. The client bears the cost of the fuel himself. The quantity of returned fuel is checked at the nearest (up to 10km) open gas station with or without the client, within a maximum of 2 hours from the takeover. If the amount of refuelling is more than 5 Euro, the fuel consumed is charged according to the official prices of fuel at the gas station with VAT plus 10 Euro for additional stop at the gas station.

6.2 All other road expenses the client will pay by himself, eg tolls, traffic penalties for misdemeanors, fuel, if he/she consumes windshield fluid on the road, etc.

7. Vehicle insurance

All Fast Mobility vehicles are insured by the following policies:

7.1 CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) Casco Insurance

7.1.1 CDW Insurance DOES NOT COVER damage up to the amount of the reserved deposit on the client’s credit card, damages to the interior of the vehicle, damages on the tires and wheels, damage to the lower lash and glasses, broken and / or lost key, damage from tanking the wrong type of fuel and damages originated knowingly or by negligence of the client. All listed damages will be charged in full upon return of the vehicle or from the reserved deposit on the client’s credit card. Any changes in the condition of the vehicle, ie any new damage, will be entered in the VCF form and signed by both sides.

7.2 TP (Theft Protection) Insurance is against theft with participation in damage

7.2.1 TP insurance DOES NOT COVER damages if the vehicle is stolen and the client does not return the key and the vehicle registration permit. Under those circumstances the client assumes full responsibility for the reimbursement value of the vehicle.

7.3 TPD (Third Party Damage) Third Party Damage Insurance

7.3.1 TPD insurance DOES NOT COVER third parties damage caused if it is determined that the client was using a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other opiates, if the client passed through the red traffic light, the client assumes full responsibility for damages to the third party. All listed damages will be charged in full when the rental vehicle returns.

7.4 CDW + (Collision Damage Waiver Plus) Casco insurance without participation

7.4.1 The client may voluntarily pay for the redemption of his participation in damages; CDW + covers all damages without the client’s participation in the damage, except for damages done to the interior of the vehicle by the driver or his passengers.

7.5 WUG (Wheels, Undercover, Glass) Insurance on wheels, tires, vehicle underbody and windows glass

7.5.1 The client may voluntarily pay for the redemption of his participation in the damage caused to wheels (tires), the vehicle underbody and the windows glass on the vehicle. This type of insurance is not covered by the other types of insurance listed up,

7.6 Participation in damages

7.6.1 The rental price of the vehicle includes CDW, TP and TPD insurances that exceed the deposit funds blocked on the client’s credit card at the vehicle pick up. All damages incurred up to the amount of the blocked deposit funds, which is determined by vehicle class and according to the Insurance Table, will be covered by the client. All claims over the blocked deposit funds, is covered by Fast Mobility insurance company.

7.6.2 The client can always voluntarily pay for his damage participation policy, or only CDW +, or only WUG, or both types of coverage Super Refundable excess, which is determined by vehicle class and in accordance with the Insurance Table

7.7 Other insurance claims

7.7.1. The client release Fast mobility of all liability for theft, damage and loss of property which he/she carries in the vehicle during the rental period of the vehicle and upon the return of the vehicle from rental.


Without the police record, the full amount of damage and / or theft will be charged to the client, regardless of the type of insurance. The police record must be made even in cases where the client was not present when the vehicle was damaged (eg the vehicle was damaged in the parking lot by an unknown person.)

8. Accident, damage and theft procedures

The Client is obliged to proceed as follows:

8.1 Immediately notify the police and Fast Mobility of the incident and follow their instructions

8.2 to record information about other participants in the accident

8.3 to complete the International Accident / Damage Report

8.4 to write a short statement describing the causes and circumstances in which the accident / damage occurred

9. Terms of the rental payment, vehicles delivery (services) and deposits reservation

9.1 The agreed price for the vehicle rental is paid by the client in two ways; cash or personal credit card and other pay cards, before pick up the rental vehicle (service) and other additional services related to the rental vehicle,

9.1.1 Cash payment is made in national currency RSD

9.1.2 Payment by personal credit card and other pay cards is made in the national currency RSD, via online payment or directly to the Fast Mobility representative by the POS terminal

9.2 Car Rental Service Delivery

9.2.1 The rental vehicle (service) is picked up by the client in person at the company’s locations  offered by Fast Mobility online, from the location list or on the website

9.2.2 The rental vehicle (service) can be personally picked up by the client in the non-listed locations, by his own choice, with an additional fee from the tariffs for additional services

9.3 The deposit can be reserved only on the client’s credit card in person, by entering the PIN code authorizing the deposit reservation. By entering the pin code, the client agrees to the Terms & conditions of Fast Mobility disposition of the client blocked deposit:

– when new damage is found outside or inside the vehicle upon returning the vehicle by the client after the end of the rent (service), the Fast Mobility can collect damage value from the client up to the amount of the repair service invoice and up to the maximum of the blocked deposit funds,

– when Fast Mobility receives a notice and a penalty decision that the client has committed a traffic offense or committed communal violation by improper vehicle parking, Fast Mobility may charge the prescribed penalties received by the competent institutions from the client’s deposit funds, up to the maximum amount of the blocked deposit funds,

9.3.1 The deposit is released by the client’s card issuer bank automatically after 30 days from the date of the blocked deposit, without the influence of Fast Mobility.

9.3.2 If, after 30 days from the date of the deposit reservation, the deposit have not yet been released, the client must contact his / her card issuer with a request for release of the deposit, without the influence of Fast Mobility.

9.3.3 If the rental vehicle (service) exceeds 30 days, Fast Mobility may require the client to renew the deposit reservation. If the client refuses to extend the booking, Fast Mobility is entitled to claim back the rental vehicle from the client without refunding the fee of the expiration of the rental period.

10. Privacy Policy GPDR and complaints

10.1 Privacy Statement on the collecting and use of personal information of person:

– On behalf of Fast Mobility ltd., we are committed to maintaining the privacy of all our clients. We only collect essential, basic buyer’s / client’s information for our business and information in accordance with good business practices and with the aim of providing a quality vehicle rental services. We give our clients the choice, including the ability to decide whether or not, to delete them from the mailing lists used for marketing purposes. All buyer’s / client’s personal information is strictly kept secured and is only available to employees who need the information to do the rental service. All employees of Fast Mobility ltd. are responsible for compliance with the principles of privacy protection.

10.2. Privacy statement for financial transactions:

– When entering payment card information, confidential information is transmitted over a public network in a secure (encrypted) form using SSL protocols and PKI systems, as currently state-of-the-art cryptographic technology. Data security during the purchase is guaranteed by the payment card processor ChipCard a.d Belgrade, so the complete payment process is performed on the ChipCard website. The payment card information is not available within our system or outside of it.

10.3 Complaints

10.3.1 All complaints about the service can be submitted to Fast Mobility solely in writing to  or urgent complaints about vehicle malfunction on the 24/7 duty phone +381605460000

10.3.2 Complaints will be resolved by Fast Mobility as soon as possible, in accordance with the ability to collect documents and evidence from other services or companies involved. Fast Mobility’s response must be sent to the client within max 30 days.

10.3.3 Refunds will be made solely in the same way as was charged to the client. If the service is billed in cash, it is returned in cash; If the service is billed online, through a bank account or POS terminal, the funds are returned directly to the client’s account. In case of refunds to a client who has previously paid by one of the payment cards, partially or in full, and regardless of the reason for the return, Fast Mobility is obliged to make the refund exclusively through VISA, EC / MC and Maestro payment methods. A possible difference in a transaction can only occur within the  interbank conversions, and there is a possibility of a slight difference from the originally charged value.

11. Terms of cancellation for paid service

11.1 Client may cancel a pre-ordered and paid vehicle rental service under the following Fast Mobility terms:

– Cancellation within 30 days from the date of pickup of the vehicle (service) – Full refund

– Cancellation within 30 to 15 days from the date of pickup of the vehicle (service) – Refund less 10% of the value of the charged service

– Cancellation within a shorter period of 15 days to 24 hours from the date of pickup of the vehicle (service) – Refund less 20% of the value of the charged service

– Cancellation within 24 hours and up to the date and time of the pickup of the vehicle (service) – Refund less 50% of the value of the charged service

– Cancellation not announced until car pickup (No show) – Fast Mobility retains full charged amount

12. Vehicle Unavailability (Rental Services) – OVERBOOKING

12.1 If a reserved vehicle is not available when registering a client on a scheduled date, Fast Mobility must provide to the Client free of charge the following:

– Refund of the collected funds in the total amount of the transaction

– Similar vehicle as indicated in the offer, the same or higher class, for the number of days indicated on the reservation

Other regulations

The vehicle must not be used for towing other vehicles, for sporting events, for illegal purposes (eg committing a criminal offense, customs offenses, etc.), to be transhipped, or if there are more passengers than permitted by the technical documentation for that type of vehicle, as well as for the transport of animals (other than small pets), highly flammable and explosive materials, odourless materials and materials which shape and size can damage the interior of the vehicle. It is forbidden to drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or dope.

In these cases, no insurance is valid and all material and legal damages are borne by the client.

It is forbidden to rent and lease a vehicle to unauthorized persons, ie persons not registered in the client’s Rental Agreement. In these cases, the insurance is NOT valid, and all material and legal damages are borne by the client.


The mutual rights and obligations of Fast mobility ltd as Lessor and Rental-user are precisely regulated in the main rental agreement of the Fast Mobility vehicles use.

Fast mobility reserves the right to change prices and conditions, Fast Mobility will inform the client always in advance.

These General Terms and Conditions are part of the official site, and the client on the site must be acquainted with these conditions. By clicking on a specially marked place when booking, the client confirms that he is aware of these General Terms and accepts them in its entirety. The Client accepts the General Terms and Conditions, with his signature on the lease agreement, which is made each time the vehicle is taken over (services).

These General Terms and Conditions shall take effect on the date of adoption by the CEO of Fast Mobility.