Conditions & Regulations

Based on the Company’s Fastmobility Ltd Statute, CEO brings, in Belgrade on 01.11.2011;
The car rental Fastmobility Conditions & Regulations
Vehicles can hire legal entities and individuals with whom Fastmobility Ltd was signed Rental agreement, who meet the essential conditions of the vehicle use.
1. Main age terms for vehicle users are:
1.1 Minimum 21 to 70 years old
1.2 Minimum 2 years valide driving license
2. Explanation of some terms
2.1 Vehicle – All motor vehicles owned by the Fastmobility rented to the client.
2.2 Fastmobility – The owner of the vehicle that is rented to the client.
2.3 Client – A rental vehicle contractor from Fastmobility.
2.4 Rental contract – the rental document signed by the client and Fastmobility
2.5 Period of use – the time that begins on the date shown on the rental contract and ending on the date that the vehicle returns to Fastmobility
2.6 Rent Fee – All expenses during the rental period
2.7 Additional fees – All subsequent costs, including enhancements to the client’s request and cost for the offense and damage in traffic made to private and public entities
3 Rental terms
3.1 The minimum rental period, which will be charged is for 1 day, re. 24 hours
3.2 Pick up and delivery time of the vehicle must be in accordance with the rental contract. Fastmobility will tolerat 1 hour delay in the delivery of the vehicle. Upon expiry of the time-tolerated, Fastmobility will automatically charge extra 1 day, re. 24 hours.
3.3 Limitation of the mileage does not exist
3.4 The vehicles are rented to client with a full tank, clean inside and out, and clients must return the vehicle with a full tank, clean inside and out
3.5 Fastmobility undertakes, to deliver to the client right vehicle, always
3.6 Fastmobility undertakes, that in case that the rented car stops, the replacement vehicle will be provided to the client as soon as possible
3.7 It’s not permit to use vehicles abroad without specific approval of Fastmobility
3.8 The client agrees to return the vehicle in the period specified in the rental contract, or earlier, or at once in request of Fastmobility;
3.9 The Client agrees that the extension of the rental contract will be reported to Fastmobility at least 48 hours in advance;
3.10 The client agrees that, if odometer breakedown during the rent, immediately stops driving and about that fast inform Fastmobility;
3.11 The Client agrees that, the vehicle will be properly maintain and preserve during the drive;
3.12 Client agrees, not to use the vehicle:
a) under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
b) for unlegitimate purposes (eg, crime, customs or the other offense, etc.),
c) for new driver training
d) for transport of passengers and goods for a fee
e) burden with people or goods over the allowable weight
f) for transport or towing other vehicles, trailers or their parts,
g) in participations in any motosportskim events,
3.13 Client agrees that the vehicle is used only for personal use and will be not farther rent or borrow to the third party;
3.14 Client agrees that vehicle will be driven by a person authorized with Fastmobility consent, what is registered in the rental contract by the “Other driver”. All terms and conditions must be respected in age and period of validity of a driving license for such a person;
3.15 Client agrees that, without the consent of Fastmobility, he will not do any replacement of the car parts, components or devices;
4 Payment and Deposit
4.1 Car hire must be paid by the client after completion of the vehicle use, by cash, any credit cards or on account of Fastmobility doo Belgrade
4.2 The deposit taken for reservation can be only by credit card, with a limited duration
4.3 For subsequent costs the client did in rental period, Fastmobility such claims will activate the reserved fund/deposit, and difference will free. The client will be informed about it, if Fastmobility has a client’s contacts
4.4 If the client has objections to the vehicle or Fastmobility service, it must be submit in writing to representative of Fastmobility or by e-mail. All complaints will not delay the payment of the rent
4.5 Rates are quoted in euros with VAT, it is calculated at the time of billing the selling rate of the commercial bank of Fastmobility
4.6 Delivery of the vehicle will not be charged for the urban municipality of Belgrade. The other farther municipalities of Belgrade and other places in the territory of the Republic of Serbian, delivery and collection will be charge by the Fastmobility ’Rental Rate’
4.7 Additional features that are not standard for the necessary equipment in the vehicle, will be charged extra in accordance with the Fastmobility ’Rental Rate’
5 Delivery and collection of vehicles
5.1 The vehicle can be deliver in the parking lot Fastmobility or on the client demand some where alse, it will be extra charged in accordance with the Fastmobility ’Rental Rate’
5.2 The vehicle can collect on the parking lot Fastmobility or on the client demand some where alse, it will be extra charged in accordance with the Fastmobility ’Rental Rate’
5.3 When the vehicle is in collection, vehicle condition checking will do the client and Fastmobility agent
6. Fuel and other costs
6.1 Client get a full tank of fuel. The client bears the cost of fuel. In the event that a client does not return the car with a full tank of fuel, spents of fuel will be charged according to the official price of fuel at the pump with extra added VAT, + 10 euros for additional stops at a gas station.
6.2 All other expenses on the road, the client pays by him self; tolls, trafic penalties, fuel, liquid glass and the like
7. The Car insurance
All vehicles are insured Fastmobility by policies:
7.1 CDW Collition Damage Waiver
7.2 TP Theft Protection
7.3 TPD Third Party Damage
7.1.1 CDW insurance DOES NOT COVER damages to the vehicle interior, damage to tires and wheels, underbody damages, broken and / or lost keys or damages caused by contamination of fuel and the damage caused deliberately or accidentally by client. All the listed damages will be charged in the full amountto client on the return of the vehicle or the reserved funds from deposite. Any changes in vehicles state, or all new damages will be recorded in the form VCF (record of the condition of the vehicle) and signed on both sides.
7.2.1 TP insurance DOES NOT COVER damages if the vehicle is stolen with the vehicle keys. In that case client assumes full responsibility for the compensation value of the vehicle.
7.3.1 TPD insurance DOES NOT COVER damage caused to third parties in case when the client has used the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, if he passed at a red traffic light. The client takes on the full responsibility for damages caused to third parties. All the listed damage will be charged the full amount at the time when the vehicle is returned.
7.4 Other
7.4.1. Client releases “Fastmobility” from any responsibility, for theft, damage and loss of property transported in the vehicle at the time of rental and after collection of the vehicle.
Without a police report, the full amount of damage and / or theft will be charged to the client, regardless of the type of insurance. The record is necessary to be maken even in cases when the client was not present when the vehicle was damaged (fe. vehicle was damaged in a parking lot by an unidentified person.)
8 Procedures in case of accidents, damage and theft
The client is obliged to act in the following way:
8.1 Immediately inform the police and Fastmobility of the accident and follow their instructions
8.2 To make a record information about other participants in the accident
8.3 To fill international reporting of accident / damage (with other documents in the vehicle)
8.4 To write a short statement which will describe the causes and circumstances of the accident / damage
Other Provisions
The vehicle can not be used for towing other vehicles, sports competitions, for illegal purposes (eg the crime, customs violations, etc.), or if it contains more passengers than is allowed by the technical documentation for this type of vehicles, as well as for the transport of animals (except small pets), combustible and explosive materials, materials with foul odor and materials whose design could in any way damage the interior of the vehicle. It is forbidden to drive a car under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
In these cases, insurance is not valid and all financial and legal damage must be paid by client.
It is forbidden to give rented vehicle in underrent and to use unauthorized persons, or persons not entered in the Rental contract. In these cases, the insurance does not apply and all the financial and legal damage must be paid by client.
The mutual rights and obligations between Fastmobility Ltd lessor and lessee-beneficiaries are precisely regulated in the main contract.
Fastmobility reserves the right to change prices and conditions.